What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a rapid, gentle, and pain-free way of removing unwanted hair  permanently and effectively.


How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works by targeting hair follicles beneath the skin’s surface with near-infrared light. The follicle and the nutrient sack that surrounds it is heated to 113 degrees Fahrenheit, this kills the hair at is source so it cannot grow back.


Does laser hair removal hurt?

Everybody’s pain levels are different. At Complete Laser Clinic we use the Soprano XL Laser, which is the number one hair removal laser in the world due to it’s advanced motion technology. The Soprano XL Laser is much more tolerable for patients than the average laser, most of our patients rank the sensation between completely pain-free and slightly uncomfortable. 


How often do you need laser hair removal touch-ups?


To reach full results patients usually require between 6 and 15 treatments. Most patients notice a 10% – 20% decrease in hair with every treatment.


Does it matter which machine is used for laser hair removal?

Not all hair removal lasers are created equally! At Complete Laser Clinic we use the number one hair removal laser in the world, the Soprano XL Laser. In 2015, The Soprano XL received The Aesthetic Industry Award and it was also featured on “The Doctors”. Our specialists all have significant training and experience with the Soprano XL Laser.

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Patient Success Stories...

Krista H.
Krista H.Laser Hair Removal
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I had my first appointment for laser hair removal 2 weeks ago. I bought 6 treatments. And I’m already seeing HUGE results. The hair that was treated is literally starting to just fall right out! Coming from someone who had to shave daily this is a huge accomplishment. I cannot wait to be on my 6th treatment and hair free!
Brittany H.
Brittany H.Laser Hair Removal
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Just had laser hair removal done!! Absolutely love this place!! Everyone is very friendly. I love that they tell you that you don't need certain things done instead of just taking your money!!
Alyse H.
Alyse H.Laser Hair Removal
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Absolutely love! Going for weight loss and some laser hair removal.. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Everyone here is amazing! The prices are great and the treatments and so easy...definitely go here!!!
Jessica R.
Jessica R.Laser Hair Removal
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The staff are very pleasant and the treatments are very affordable, if I knew that I would have had the lazer hair removal years ago!!! This was my first session so I will see how it goes. I'm looking forward to not having to tweeze again 🙂
Adri D.
Adri D.Laser Hair Removal
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Had laser hair removal done for the first time. Everyone was super friendly and explained everything so well. It was a great experience, glad I chose them.
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